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"Something So Real" A Real Delight!

As threat of the Coronavirus has created a pandemic paralyzing our world, it makes me happy that “Something So Real” continues to be source of delight and comfort during these trying, sometimes unknowing, days. Texts, and sightings and words of appreciation continue to surface in often unexpected ways…a friend from Centerville, Tennessee was delighted to find Something So Real at the Tin Cottage in Columbia, Tennessee; my retired teacher friend from Murfreesboro, Tennessee purchased her copy in Brunswick, Georgia. And a happy owner emailed me the other day with these affirming words…”I purchased your book, Something So Real in Franklin, Tennessee. I have sat quietly with this book, and cannot express to you how much it has blessed my life. God certainly knows what we need; and your book has graciously reminded me of God’s daily love for us: His concern for guiding us into the plans He has for us, as you eloquently remind us to seek His Word. Thank you for a beautiful book, that I will open daily.”


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