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Thank you!

I cannot thank you enough as you  have encouraged and inspired me through the years. I hope "Something So Real"  will enhance and transform your life! I encourage you to live each day  to the fullest, so that you can become the Masterpiece He intended you to be!

I love hearing from those of you who have been touched by this book or  who have given or received it as a gift. I hope all who read it will enjoy and cherish the words that have been such an inspiration to me.

"I'm super excited about this book. Shannon has always had the sweetest, most comforting words for everyone. Special lady, and so very proud of her life accomplishments." -C.L., Murfreesboro, TN 

"Thank you, thank you! Just sat and read 'Something So Real' Shannon's writings  are so peaceful. Her heart is pure and full of joy from our Lord and Savior. Many days I need to be reminded of my many blessings and stop dwelling on stumbling blocks along the way." -L.L., Bluffton, SC

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