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Something So Real

What have you always dreamed about? What is it that you’re always wanted to do, but have never had the courage to do?

I’ve always wanted to write inspirational books! I knew as I wrote my Valedictorian speech as a senior in high school! Wow! I like to write! Researching, looking for meaningful quotes, expressing myself with a whole new world ahead of us, and encouraging others became such a passion for me!

And now fifty years later, my first published book! Something So Real has emerged from my heart and soul after a wonderfully successful career, grown children, the blessing of grandchildren, and from a relentless whisper in my heart reminding me that we are all meant for immeasurably more!

My prayer is that you will read this book over and over and absorb the words in your heart and soul realizing that in life that you are never alone, and that you have been gifted with such a powerful potential within to guide you as you live each day to the fullest becoming His masterpiece!

Life is real…God is awesome…and you are His masterpiece in the making! He has chosen you for immeasurably more!


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