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In a quiet moment on the mountain in Sewanee, Tennessee,

my Lord spoke to me. “My child, slow down; listen; come to Me and I will make you whole.” 


In need of encouragement and inspiration?

As a small child I had a beautiful, simple life filled with fun, laughter and joy beyond measure. I was surrounded with such love that the days seemed magical. I existed in a state of child-like wonder, insulated from the tragedies of life.

A car crash on a cold January day shattered my world and everything changed. Through God’s mercy, we all survived.

We each have a story, and this is mine.

We can choose to make the best of our circumstances, learn from our experiences, move forward, or cloak ourselves in self-pity.

My prayer is that no matter what challenges life has thrown at you, that you choose to live each day to the fullest with the help of our Savior.

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